My 1st BLOG (Web Log) #MACCNIPH

GryndThyme WordPress feature“Whaaz Haannnin’?”

I’m Gangsta Leene, they CALL ME: MACCNIPH (Mak-Nif) short for “Magnificent”.

I’m an Underground Independent Recording Artist, working with #IMmaculateMUZICLLC .

IMmaculate Muzic L.L.C. is my family, we all play are part and PUSH our MUSIC Independently.

Want to work on a project, need me to perform for a show, booking, sponsers, Investors, Fans, Networking, E.T.C; for ALL Inquirires…

Contact me at:

My days are filled with being a FULL TIME FATHER, an advocate for Hip-Hop, Social Movements, Native American (Indigenous Peoples) Empowerment, Self-Education, and IMmaculate Muzic.

I’m REAL BIGG on Loyalty and Pushin’ LOVE, we need more UNITY in our COMMUNITIES, everybody want to listen about the Guns and Drugs, Nobody want to Listen to How to Prevent Guns and Drugs.

My Music is Education, My Music iz My Lifestyle and REALISM in other words #GAME (Giving A Man Energy).

“I’m all about Positive Outlooks and taking Negativity and Growing it into Positivity.”  “GOD Leads my life, We Call GOD (Creator) Creator is our Great Spirit our ELDER and we listen to what is spoken to us through to our SPIRIT.” -Maccniph-

Checc’ Outt ALL MY MUSIC, it’z #IMmaculateMUZIC .


  1. Soundcloud –
  2. Reverbnation –
  3. Number One Music –
  4. OR Yahoo/ Google SEARCH ME: maccniph

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