My 2nd Blog: A Treat!

It is Almost #Halloween one of my favorite times of year!! For most it is a time of candy and parties, but Incase you didn’t know, Hallow = Holy and een = Even or Evening and is basically the “Holy Evening” before #AllSaintsDay it was a time to remember our dead and those who were here before us and are no longer with us.  Now days we say “Tricc’ or Treat” but for you instead of a tricc’ I have a Real #Treat for all my serious #fans !! If you #Subscribe as a Special Treat I will send you a personal copy of our #HitSingle (Walkin’ On Wata’) #DrDawnKarima #Maccniph *only for the 1st “100” subscribers. Checc’ Outt my #Tradiio #Follow and #Subscribe for tha #Best #WestCoast #Underground #Rap


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